Elliott 7

Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat
A national class affiliated with Yachting Australia

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Welcome to the Elliott 7 National Class Association website, home of all things 'E7'!
This sports boat is a 7 metre (23 foot) bundle of sailing fun!
We have a vibrant and active Class Association in most states and territories of Australia.
It is easy to trail, launch and retrieve.
Best of all it performs very well on the water, even with inexperienced hands.

The Association is a supportive community of sailors, which includes the entire skill-range from beginners to some of Australia’s leading sailors.

It’s widely known for its family friendly outlook and it’s strong culture of women sailing in the Class.

 National Titles 2013

Congratulations to Matt "Pillow" Owen for raising the bar in this year's Nationals!

Sail Port Stephens 15 - 21 April, 2013

Sail Port Stephens NOR here...

E7 Nationals NOR Ammendment here...

Fellow Elliott 7 Sailors

We look forward to seeing you as many of you as possible at Bateman’s Bay Regatta for the Bateman’s Bay Regatta Saturday and Sunday 27 and 28 April 2014.

Here is the link to get your entry in.

Passing of Neil Primrose

The Elliott 7 community regret to inform that Neil Primrose passed away in April this year, succumbing after a long battle with illness.

Neil was the current E7 President and well respected by all in this role.

Neil was a stalwart of the class, one of its driving and guiding forces and a gentleman in all matters.

We owe a great deal to Neil for his tireless support of the Australian Elliott 7 Class Association. He was instrumental in founding and incorporating the Association. A lifelong enthusiast of sailing, Neil maintained his passion for the sport until the end. He never missed an opportunity to encourage others to share the love he had for the sport of sailing, and of the Elliott 7 in particular.

We will miss Neil's guidance at the helm. The challenge is before us to continue the work Neil started, and ensure our association continues with the sense of purpose and good governance he always insisted on.

He will be sadly missed by class members, sailors, friends and family.

New square top main proves early success

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Sailing at the edge – and beyondSailing at the edge – and beyond Family camping and relaxing
Family camping and relaxing
Mixed crews are a feature of the ClassMixed crews are a feature of the Class Easily trailable to interesting places
Easily trailable to interesting places